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Perfect cleaning service to residential or commercial tenants moving in or out of rented accommodation

  • Fully guaranteed service.
  • 12 year’s experience, having completed over 1350 tenancy cleans.
  • Service available across Hertfordshire and London.
  • Keys and access can be arranged directly with your local agent.
  • Invoices and certificates of completion provided.
  • Fully trained, experienced, insured and uniformed staff.

If you’re moving out of your rented accommodation, whether residential or commercial, you may have an obligation to professionally clean the property prior to returning keys. Some try to clean it themselves, others choose the cheapest option. It’s vital that whoever you choose that the service is of the highest quality, and is guaranteed. You shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

What’s Included?

All Tenancy Cleans are a little different, as each property is different. For guidance, we use a tariff to advise pricing, and an example of what you should expect from this type of clean. Please just give us a call and we’ll forward this to you. 

It’s very important when receiving quotations to compare exactly what each company will do during the clean, and what guarantees are offered. Please feel free to ask any questions about this service or to check for what’s included. 

A complete Tenancy Clean should cover everything that’s inside the property. And tasks outside the property should also be available. Some of these things are optional as not everybody needs or wants them. So for simplicity, we provide quotations for a full clean of the interior of the property, whether commercial or domestic, and advise pricing separately for things like Carpet Cleaning, Jet Washing, External Window Cleaning and Professional Cleaning Services to an oven.

Fully Trained End of Tenancy Cleaners

We’re based in Watford and are very happy to offer professional End of Tenancy Cleaning service throughout Hertfordshire and across London. All of our staff are employed by us directly, vetted, and are contracted and supervised. We only employ the very best people to look after our customers. They are trained comprehensively to look after you, are uniformed, insured and will work safely and with care at all times. Most are employed by us full time and conduct a number of tasks for us throughout the day.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional Carpet Cleaning is available as an additional service with all Tenancy Cleaning requests. This service is charged per room/area, and a discount offered when booked alongside the Tenancy Clean. It can start from just £25.00+VAT Per room. This service is wet extraction using the very best chemicals and most advanced machines available A typical 3 bedroom home can be completed from just £125.00+VAT. All carpet cleaners are fully insured and work directly for us.

Read more about our Carpet Cleaning service.

Professional Oven Cleaning Service

To help you, we work very closely with local professional oven cleaners whose services we can arrange for you. We can include their charges on one bill and can arrange for them to attend at the same time to make it as convenient for you as possible. Prices start from £55.00+VAT.

Window Cleaning Service

Some tenants have an obligation to have their external windows cleaned when handing their property back. Whether it’s a small apartment, large house or an office or commercial premises, we can conduct this for you. We use the latest filtered, pure water technology and clean windows safely up to 4 stories high.

Read more about our Window Cleaning service.

Jet Washing Service

Like window cleaning, Some tenants have an obligation to have their patios, decking, car park or render cleaned when handing their property back. This service is provided by us directly, is fully insured, and uses the latest mains power and petrol powered machines.

Read more about our Jet Washing service.

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What you can expect from us
  • Fully insured, properly trained, uniformed staff.
  • We’re always extensively equipped - We bring everything!
  • Administration trail offering invoices, certificate of completions and reports where needed.
  • Key collection from an alternative location.
  • A wealth of experience dealing with tenants, agents and landlords.
  • Guaranteed services and pricing.

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