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Getting back to the office...

Tuesday 16 March, 2021

As we start to see signs of getting back to some kind of normality we feel there are some essential things to consider when returning to work. Aside from the obvious things to look forward to like office banter, chats around the water cooler and work drinks for us it’s all about the cleaning and sanitation. The thought of going back to work will more than likely come with a whole mixture of emotions. We imagine that people will feel nervous, excited and probably a bit anxious. Our main priority is to make sure that you feel safe. Keeping offices and places of work clean will make a big difference. 

With the right procedures in place, we believe you can confidently return to work. If you are preparing to re-open we highly recommend an initial deep clean followed by regular cleaning procedures in place. Keeping the workplace clean is a must when trying to eradicate any virus. Sanitising stations are an effective way of ensuring people are reminded to do the right thing. Regular sanitising will now be part of our ‘new normal’. 

The provision and administration of the correct cleaning products can and will help eliminate any virus. Anti-viral wipes (not anti-bacterial) should now be on every desk and used regularly. With the correct signage and reminders to staff that regular hand washing, sanitising and keeping areas clean will promote a safer, healthier and happier environment.

Perfectly detailed cleaning will need to continue to be an essential in all shared areas, concentrating on door plates, switches, lift buttons, handrails, hot desks, soap dispensers, taps and alarm and control panels. This cleaning detail is only effective when conducted with care, precision and with staff trained to use the products exactly as designed. This is paramount in commercial premises and during office cleans.

Lateral flow tests are now available along with pop up test stations. Although they do not come with 100% accuracy we believe them to be a useful tool in slowing the spread of Covid-19. If you were to have a positive test in the office a simple virucidal fogging service is available to completely eliminate coronavirus from the air and surfaces. It really is as simple as it sounds. The chemicals used for the procedure kill the virus on contact. You could be back in the office within hours. 

We offer a variety of cleaning services throughout Watford, Hertfordshire, Greater London, Essex and Buckinghamshire. We look after a variety of offices, local and national house builders, tenancy cleans as well as over 40 residential developments, taking care of shared entrances, hallways, lifts and bin stores.

Our job at Callver is to help to create a clean, safe and happy workplace. If we can help or advise in any way feel free to give us a call. Our fully trained, uniformed and insured staff have a fleet of vehicles stocked and ready to tackle whatever your cleaning needs may be. 

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