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The Callver Cleaning Co are very proud to offer a wide range of washroom services, helping provide hygiene and sanitiser products, female sanitary units and automatic air fresheners.

Here’s what you can expect from us…

  • Full trained staff helping provide the best, most cost-effective service possible with the best products available
  • Fully licenced
  • A wide range of sanitary and washroom products to suit different environments
  • Branded products for ease of reporting any issues
  • Completely bespoke service

Our Washroom Service

Since 2019, and following huge demand from customers, we now provide a wide range of washroom products, helping ensure you have a fully maintained, hygienic and sanitised washroom area for employees, customers or visitors.

In conjunction with our office cleaning service, us providing washroom service has proved hugely effective, where our professional cleaners are there to keep an eye, report any problems to us, and fix any issues without delay. Air fresheners and disposables can then be re-filled by our cleaners, helping to keep costs down and allowing us to pass that saving on to you. View more information on our Office Cleaning service.

Automatic air fresheners (with a variety of fragrances) are available with timers that can be set to ensure they’re most effective during the busiest times of the day. Floral, Lavender, and citrus fragrance available. Also, maintained by our professional cleaners. Wall mounted or counter based. It’s up to you. For service contracted yearly, mounting and installation is included in all costs.

Fully maintained sanitary units can be provided with a completely bespoke maintenance arrangement. Most sanitary units have a monthly service, but this can be more or less frequent as needed. We provide FEMCare Sanitary units with a sleek design, easy to use opening and a foot pedal. All sanitary units are branded with our contact information so issues can be reported and resolved without delay. We’re SO proud of our products and service. It’s what we do.

Some Questions...

Are Sanitary Units required by law?

If your business has female employees, customers or visitors, then yes. The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations Act 1992 stipulates that appropriate facilities must be in place for the safe disposal of sanitary products. This legislation also links to the Water Industries Act 1991 that advises sanitary products must not be flushed down a toilet bowl as this causes blockages to the sewer system. Penalties for misuse may apply here. View more info on Workplace Regulations.

Can anyone remove sanitary waste from the premises?

No. All sanitary waste must be removed by a trained operative and the company providing the service must have appropriate licences. Our Waste Carriers Licence.

Is there a minimum number of sanitary units we can have?

No, there is no minimum (or maximum) – you can have just one, Or 100. Whatever suits your business.

Can the automatic air fresheners be wall mounted?

Yes, these can be fitted to the wall, or be free standing, whichever suits you best (installation is free of charge for 12-month agreements).

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