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Tuesday 2 January, 2024

January 2024 started with a brand-new client! 

Their large and bespoke commercial buildings and grounds required a bespoke commercial cleaning service.

They required a commercial cleaning service five days a week, to clean and maintain all the communal stairs, washrooms and communal kitchens. 

They also required a commercial cleaning service to litter pick the carpark and walkways around the commercial site.

Their bespoke commercial cleaning requirements also required a commercial office cleaning service twice a week.

One of their other requirements was to have the same cleaner every visit. 

This is something that The Callver Cleaning Company prides itself on. 

We offer a completely flexible and bespoke service.  We can deliver whatever you need.  Our staff are all trained to the highest standards and fully insured.

Let’s see what February 2024 brings!

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