Triumph garage Watford Hertfordshire Build and Sparkle clean

Build cleaning: what does it mean?

Monday 22 July, 2019

Callver Cleaning has recently taken on the exciting task of providing Build and Sparkle cleaning services to the new Triumph garage in Watford, Hertfordshire.

The employers for this task were interested in employing our services but were unsure of what it was they were asking for. Did they want a Build or a Sparkle clean, or did they want our combined package?

In order to prevent any more confusion about what a Build and a Sparkle clean entails we thought we would outline it here for you!

Build cleaning is the first clean after work has taken place on a building. This may be a new build, or an addition to an existing building such as an extension. This clean works to remove issues such as paint splatters, as well as washing windows, and cleaning fittings, getting your build to 95% perfect. This clean is designed to reveal any issues with the build in order to allow workers to go back in and fix problems that have been revealed in the Build clean. Once this is complete, a Sparkle clean can occur.

Our Sparkle clean is designed to be the most detailed and precise clean available. Our service will quite literally make your new build shine and sparkle, with our staff delivering the highest quality clean possible. Attention to detail is crucial in this service; our team’s dedication to a perfect clean means that glass, chrome, kitchens, and bathroom fittings all get the same level of thorough cleaning and polishing alike. It is a testament to the quality of our cleaning that many of our customers are so impressed with our Sparkle service that they employ us as their daily cleaners.

Some customers want both a Build and Sparkle clean; we can be flexible in assessing your needs and working out a service that fulfils all your needs. When working with Triumph, we were in constant contact with the builders on the project, allowing us to make a plan together that meant we could all work side by side seamlessly.

We’re proud to offer the very best Build and Sparkle cleaning services available across Watford, Stanmore, Denham, Bushey, and Rickmansworth, as well as across Greater London.

Callver is committed to providing the best, most trusted cleaning service possible, using the very best staff around, with the best materials available at a reasonable and fair price…It’s as simple as that.

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