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Communal Cleaning at Cassio Metro

Monday 12 August, 2019

One of our most overlooked services is our cleaning of communal areas. Many people underestimate the real dedication and attention to detail required. However, since all residents pay for these cleans through their service charges, it is absolutely essential that the highest standards of cleanliness and presentation are upheld.

We take care of a number of clients to incredibly high standards and they are absolutely delighted with our service – just look at this review from Anna Mercer regarding our work at Cassio Metro, a private residential development in Watford comprising of both houses and apartments across 19 blocks, with nearly 300 individual properties:

“Callver Cleaning have been an absolutely crucial part of the success story at Cassio Metro…We are very proud to work with Callver Cleaning and are happy to say that they are truly irreplaceable and second to none in terms of the level of services they provide.”

So what is it that we are doing at Cassio Metro to get such amazing feedback?

 As well as perfectly cleaning the communal areas of each block, including stairwells and lifts, washing steps, and litter picking, we are responsible for providing immaculate cleaning of the private on-site leisure centre 7 days a week. All cleaning is undertaken by our dedicated team of uniformed and insured professional cleaners. They are trained comprehensively to look after you, and will work safely and carefully at all times.

Unlike some cleaning companies, we will also take care of all on-site bin stores within developments. We can manage council or private collections, provide replacement or additional wheeled bins, log missed collections, negotiate any issues with local councils, and ensure the regularity of collections. We’ll also ensure the periodic disinfecting of the store, and, if required, can conduct commercial jet washing in order to keep everything as clean and hygienic for you as possible.

We also pride ourselves on communicating brilliantly with residents and management alike, dealing with issues such as bicycles and prams stored without permission, broken or unsafe items, and reporting faults. Keeping an open line of communication regarding such issues is essential to a happy and successful working relationship.

This incredible service is available to all of our customers across Greater London, Essex, and Hertfordshire, including Watford, Stanmore, and Rickmansworth.

Callver is committed to providing the best, most trusted cleaning service possible, using the very best staff around, with the best materials available at a reasonable and fair price…It’s as simple as that.



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