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Office Cleaning: Why it should be bespoke

Tuesday 21 February, 2023

Here at The Callver Cleaning Co we offer a professional and bespoke commercial office cleaning service.

By offering a bespoke commercial office cleaning service it takes the personalisation of the cleaning service you receive to the next level. It lets you set the routine of your cleaning service to match the unique requirements of your business, while choosing the individual cleaning tasks and duties that you need to ensure a professional clean and hygienic appearance for your premises.

Post Covid-19 commercial office cleaning has become a vitally important part of everyday office life now.  You could have vulnerable members of staff that need a clean office environment.    A clean office environment will prevent the spread of germs and keep your team healthy and productive.  Plus, it will create a professional and welcoming atmosphere for your clients or visitors.

We will provide a bespoke commercial office cleaning service for your business, which can include early morning or evening schedules to avoid disrupting your office.

At The Callver Cleaning Co we have been offering commercial office cleaning services to Hertfordshire, Essex, and London for almost 20yrs.  In this time, we’ve learnt a lot about what makes a good bespoke commercial office cleaning service work.

When customers come to us, as well as expecting exceptional office cleaning standards, we know they want peace of mind too. Whether that means ensuring shifts are always filled or that washrooms are always fully stocked; a good bespoke commercial office cleaning service is as much about the smooth running or your office as it is about the cleaning standards themselves.

Good commercial office cleaning companies look after cleaners and provide the right support to ensure consistency, day after day.  At The Callver Cleaning Co, we know our package, for both clients and cleaners, is second to none and it’s an element we’re always looking to expand upon.

All The Callver Cleaning Co contract cleaning services are launched by our dedicated Head of Training and Development, working closely with you and our commercial office cleaning team for at least the first two weeks.  By deploying our knowledge and experience immediately when we start a bespoke commercial office cleaning service, we know we’ll create a cleaning service that lasts the test of time.  

By choosing a bespoke commercial office cleaning service, we at The Callver Cleaning Co will devise a plan that fits within your budget, and we can guarantee that your premises will always be immaculate and professional in appearance.




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